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A comprehensive overview of the current status of public EV charging Infrastructure in Missouri, highlighting the activities of key players and identifying existing barriers to the development of a charging network that meets current and anticipated demand.

"This is the most comprehensive review of Missouri’s electric vehicle resources and infrastructure ever compiled. We’re proud to collaborate with Missouri Energy Initiative on this project and are excited to share it with the general public." - Electrify Missouri

Conference Presentation: Midwest Energy Policy Series, 12/9/21

This case study, completed by Travis Wood of the Missouri Energy Initiative and done in collaboration with the City of Columbia Water & Light, analyzes energy usage data before and after energy efficiency upgrades to residential rental properties in Columbia, MO.  Results indicate benefits to tenants, property owners, and the community that are consistent with findings in other studies tackling the split-incentive issue.

Conference Presentation: Midwest Energy Policy Series, 8/13/20

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Database: Missouri Public Service Commission Case Tracker

Created using Airtable, the Missouri Public Service Commission Case Tracker Database transforms the PSC's difficult-to-access case data into an easy-to-navigate database, allowing users to track cases by type, sector, and company.  Users can explore case summaries, public comments, and associated weekly regulatory updates.  Watch the video to see the database in action and connect with me to learn how I can develop a similar tracker for your organization.  Hit full-screen mode for the best view.

No longer constrained by repeated mowing and herbicide applications, the manicured fairways of the shuttered Highlands Golf Course in western Michigan have given way to tall grasses swaying in the breeze, interrupted only by more than 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) of looping trails in what is now The Highlands natural area. Several of the old greens are now tall and short-grass prairie plots, offering a glimpse of what the future holds for a piece of land that had been a golf course for the past 100 years.  [Read more]

North American grassland habitat has nearly disappeared since European settlement, with much of the remaining habitat severely degraded. As suitable habitat has vanished, many native grassland bird species have experienced pronounced population declines. Despite the widespread use of prescribed fire as a management tool to maintain grassland habitat, little is known about the definitive impacts of frequent burning on grassland bird populations. We examined the impact of prescribed fire on the vegetative structure and bird community at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary in West Alton, Missouri. [Read More]

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Blog Posts:

Missouri is a key player in the mineral supply chain powering the energy transition

Missouri’s strategic location, rich mineral resources, battery manufacturing and recycling facilities, and nationally recognized research institutions create a unique environment for the growth of a critical minerals and energy storage industry that is powering the innovative technologies shaping the rapidly changing energy landscape. [Read More]

Infrastructure/Green Banks Are Essential to Our Energy Future

While Missouri has yet to establish a green bank or similar entity to target specific infrastructure finance gaps, the concept is being explored at different levels of Missouri state government. [Read More]

Discover the Value of Commercial PACE Financing for Energy Improvements

C-PACE can play a vital role in building more sustainable communities, while helping businesses achieve environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals that are increasingly important to investors. [Read More]

Blog Posts: MoEnviroNews

In order to ensure that Missourians receive safe and reliable electricity in the coming decades it will be necessary to develop a mechanism that will promote significant capital investments into grid modernization and infrastructure improvements, without imposing significant financial risk on utility companies and their consumers.  Missouri’s electric grid will require significant upgrades due to aging infrastructure, increasing energy demands, and more stringent environmental regulations. [Read More]

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