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Anne Winkler, Professor of Economics and Public Policy Administration at University of Missouri-St. Louis

"Travis is an incredibly bright, hard-working individual. He is one of the few students who has done research and written up reports outside of what was required in class (and he did this while working full-time). He is precisely the type of person I would want to hire for a job -- energetic, takes initiative, excellent analytical and written skills, and communicates well with others."

Brian Bienkowski, Sr. editor at Environmental Health News, Editor at Agents of change in environmental justice.

"I had the pleasure of working with Travis on a story he wrote for Ensia magazine. Travis conducted broad research, and was able to write about science and environmental topics in a clear, concise manner.


He tackled edits in a timely manner and produced an important, well-reported story.


I think Travis has a bright future in environmental reporting and I would highly recommend him."

Elizabeth Noonan, Partner at Community & Economic Development Solutions

"Travis was a real asset to our firm during his internship. His thoughtful and thorough research was critical to the economic and community development projects to which he was assigned.


Travis is self-motivated and took real ownership in his work product. Despite being a working student, he was always very responsive and did an excellent job of managing and accomplishing his work in a timely fashion. It is a credit to him and a reflection of his drive that he was able to turn research he began with our firm into a published article!"

Dave Robertson, Professor (deceased), University of Missouri-St. Louis

"I taught a graduate seminar in the spring of 2018, and Travis was an outstanding student in that class. He has a keen analytical mind and great communication skills in writing and speaking. More than that, he worked very well with the rest of the students in the seminar, building common purpose and helping achieve common goals. He is a very smart, very talented, very capable and very well-prepared individual."

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